Improve your Presentation Skills

Through your career, you can influence people’s perceptions and behavior as well as draw their attention with the right approach. This is why it is so important to deliver the right messages to your colleagues or stakeholders in the best way possible. With practice and preparation, everyone can present well - in person or through press and media.

Mehmet Binay - Trainer


In our seminars, delivered by communications specialist Mehmet Binay, you will learn how to become a confident Public Speaker and Interviewee, through a program of instruction, practice experience, feedback and discussion.

Trainer Mehmet Binay is a veteran journalist, film director, scriptwriter, photographer and a corporate storyteller.

Binay has trained many high level business executives, bureaucrats and leaders from the nonprofit sector on personal and media presentation skills, communication strategy and media relationships since 2003.

Binay studied political science, economics and law at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany and he holds a master’s degree in the political economy of oil and gas pipelines in Eurasia.

“Presentation and Public Speaking” are skills that can be learned and improved.

1. Present Your Story


Apple ex-CEO Steve Jobs' wildly popular presentations set a new global standard in telling lean yet powerful and memorable corporate messages. His crowd-pleasing and product selling techniques were a result of teamwork from advertising companies, speech writers but foremostly his minimalistic and simple thinking. His style has influenced many others to change their presentation techniques and storytelling skills.

Mehmet Binay, ex-journalist, seasoned communications advisor, acclaimed filmmaker, photographer and writer, analyzed successful keynote speeches and other innovative presentations from platforms such as TED Talks, and came up with a training module that teaches storytelling techniques to the corporate world.

In a day long, intensive training module, you will learn basic script writing, developing simple yet eye-catchy visuals, packaging your text and visuals into a cinematic flow and practicing public speaking.

The program consists of three parts in which participants will be trained on creating the story, preparing the presentation and rehearsing for stage. Each personal performance will be filmed and assessed. You will get feedback from the tutor and other delegates. Practical ideas and techniques will help you progress further. You will keep your personal records for reflection and further studies.

2. Facing the Media


In an information-hungry, 24/7 media world, excellence in communications with your stakeholders is key to business success. CAM director Mehmet Binay is a former senior TV correspondent and he has media-trained many professionals at companies and institutions such as BP plc., Chevron, BP Middle East, Teliasonera, Pepsico, maritime shipping agencies and international NGO's.

Our seminar is a two-day long program for a group of 5-7 people while an intensive course can also be delivered to senior executives in a single day.

CAM media management seminars are undertaken by using professional broadcast cameras, lighting kits and a mobile video editing suite to showcase participants how interviews are edited for news and internal corporate videos.

The program starts with a theoretical session where essentials are taught about crisis comms, different interview formats, preparation of corporate messages and statements, body language, image, and how to avoid defensive responses. The training program offers scenario based interview recordings in a seated, exhibition type stand-up, and public formats. Every recorded interview will be watched and evaluated in the group for lessons learned.

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